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We emphasize on Creativity, Enthusiasm and Value Creation. Our aim is to provide next unthinkable designs and out of the box ideas for all the businesses. We are one of the best digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad which you can rely upon.

Our philosophy

361 Degrees Marketing provides an addition of 1° in the Conventional 360° Marketing. We believe in novel creation through right use of Design Thinking. We undoubtedly provide out of the box solutions to Marketing problems. We as an organization strive to provide you the best of creative designs and solution to businesses which can create a value in a sustainable way.

How we work

361 Degrees Marketing Aces at designing unique campaigns for our clients, in order to endorse the overall brand and increase the customer reach.


They can handle any kind of storm

Tapan Thakkar

Founder and CEO
A visionary leader with a passion for innovative thinking, founded 361 Degrees Marketing. Fuelled by a lifelong love of learning and an unbreakable spirit of enthusiasm, he has created a marketing powerhouse that stands out from the crowd. Through a dazzling array of campaigns and strategies, he and his team push the boundaries of what's possible, bringing to life ideas that are truly out-of-this-world.

Kshiti Dhebar

Art Director,
A multi-talented artist, who effortlessly wears multiple hats such as design, art, creative writing, music, Indian classical dance, literature, and more. With a Bachelor's in Visual Arts from MSU Baroda, India, and a Master's in Visual Communication Design from Deakin University, Australia, she approaches every client brief with empathy and a profound understanding of their unique requirements.

Samarth Pancholi

Advisor and Mentor
He is a serene individual who possesses an abundance of composure, unyielding patience, and an undying positive outlook. His relentless efforts in instilling coherence in disordered thoughts and concepts are aimed at creating enthralling experiences that enable businesses to carve out their niche, expand their reach, and amass a devoted global audience.

Riddhi Mehta

Senior Graphic Designer
Enamored by the art of visual storytelling, she possesses a natural affinity for design despite graduating in commerce. To her, the world of design is a boundless ocean of possibilities, and there is always something new to learn, discover and explore. She strives to continually push the limits, using her creativity to weave captivating stories through her visuals.

Pranjal Patel

Junior Graphic Designer
She is a passionate graphic designer and artist with a love for travel and exploration. She has a keen eye for aesthetics and the technical skills to bring her designs to life and create visually captivating designs. Her only way is to go through LEARN-EXPERIMENT-REPEAT

Devanshi Mehta

Senior Graphic Designer
With an eye for design and a heart for passion, she finds joy in being a part of a team that inspires and motivates. Fun at work is her mantra, and she relishes the open feedback culture at 361 Degrees Marketing.

Eshvi Mehta

Creative Content Writer
Words have always been her escape from melancholy, leading her on a journey to self-discovery. A student with diverse interests in debating, acting, anchoring, and traveling, she enjoys her solitude and loves to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. Her passions include cinema and cuisine, and she prefers to avoid crowded places, finding solace in her own company.

Akshat Shah

Social Media Associate
From the inception of the organization, he has been a passionate and disciplined contributor, driven by an unquenchable thirst for fresh challenges and a burning desire to create a better tomorrow in all the portions of Social Media Marketing and Research.

Priyanka Sanghvi

Content Writing
As an intern content writer, She pour her heart and soul into crafting high-quality content that helps catapult 361 Degrees Marketing to new heights. With a burning passion for words, she strive to create copy that not only engages but also inspires readers to take action.


Content Writing
Immersed in the world of internet memes and raised on WiFi networks, he possesses an insatiable passion for crafting witty one-liners that bring a smile to the faces of all who read them. With his razor-sharp wit and clever wordplay, he has a knack for turning any topic into a source of hilarity.

Darsh Joshi

Animation and Graphic
As a master of the 3D arts, this visionary artist has found a home at 361 Degrees Marketing, where he has been able to break down his own creative barriers and explore new frontiers. With a deep sense of belonging, he revels in the opportunity to contribute his unique skills to a company that feels like family.

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