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Who we are

We emphasize on Creativity, Enthusiasm and Value Creation. Our aim is to provide next unthinkable designs and out of the box ideas for all the businesses. We are one of the best digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad which you can rely upon.

Our philosophy

361 Degrees Marketing provides an addition of 1° in the Conventional 360° Marketing. We believe in novel creation through right use of Design Thinking. We undoubtedly provide out of the box solutions to Marketing problems. We as an organization strive to provide you the best of creative designs and solution to businesses which can create a value in a sustainable way.

How we work

361 Degrees Marketing Aces at designing unique campaigns for our clients, in order to endorse the overall brand and increase the customer reach.


They can handle any kind of storm

Tapan Thakkar

Founder and CEO
After returning from the UK, he established 361 Degrees Marketing with a vision of out-of-the-box thinking. Learning and enthusiasm have been his discipline since childhood. Learn, apply and repeat have been the only journey he has been through.

Bhavyen Shah

He is very enthusiastic and energetic to put a tick mark on every task he performs. Planning and effective execution of the same is his habit. He is a very optimistic thinker and calm minded, like the temperature of Canada.

Samarth Pancholi

Advisor and Mentor
He is calm, has a lot of patience and is an eternal optimist. He is always working to bringing maturity to jumbled thoughts and ideas. He aims to create experiences that help businesses make their niche, spread their wing and find a loyal audience across the globe.

Kshiti Dhebar

Graphic Design Consultant, Australia
She is a very keen observer and curious learner, holds a Bachelor degree in Visual Arts, majoring in Advertising and Graphic Design, from one of the most renowned Universities in India, The MSU, Faculty of Fine Arts.

Riddhi Mehta

Senior Graphic Designer
She is a commerce graduate and has a keen interest in designing. Telling stories through visuals is something that has always fascinated her. She believes that designing is like an ocean,” No matter how much you have explored, there is always something new to learn”.

Devanshi Mehta

Senior Graphic Designer
She thinks that it’s good to be a part of a motivating and passionate about. Work with fun is has been her motto throughout her life. The feedback of everyone is heard and that’s what she likes the most about the 361 Degree Marketing.

Eshvi Mehta

Creative Content Writer
She discovered words as an escape from the melancholia, ended up finding a destination. She’s a student with an interest in debating, acting and anchoring with the passion of travelling to unprecedented places. She’s an overthinker and a movie and food lover. She isn’t found in-crowd, and almost always, under the covers with a book and her cup of tea.

Akshat Shah

Social Media Associate
He is very enthusiastic about new work and is a very disciplined person. He has been there since the establishment of the organization.

Priyanka Sanghvi

Content Writing Intern
interning as a Content writer. I work with a passion to create high-quality content that helps in gaining momentum for our 361 Degrees Marketing.


Content Writing Intern
He’s nourished and consumed in the memes of the internet and as a kid of WiFi networks, his greatest interests are in making the swipes on our phones pause and smiles on our faces wider. AKA he writes ironic punchlines like this for anything and everything offered to him.

Darsh Joshi

Animation and Graphic Intern
3D artist. 361° really helped me to push my limits and I am glad that I have a chance to work at a company that feels personal/yours.

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