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The Ambaji Mata Temple, a revered Shakti Peeth in India, faced the challenge of maintaining a consistent and compelling brand identity across various touchpoints. The existing communication lacked a cohesive visual narrative, impacting its representation in the digital sphere and beyond.


361 Degrees Marketing crafted a comprehensive solution for Ambaji Temple, encompassing brand identity, product packaging, social media, stationery folio, tourism, and a modernized website. Our approach aimed to harmonize the temple's visual elements, enhancing its recognition and connection with the devotees and tourists alike.

Client: Ambaji Temple

Sector:  Religious Tourism

Ambaji Mata Temple is a sacred pilgrimage site in Gujarat, India, attracting millions of devotees annually. It is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas, holding immense spiritual significance for Hindus. Recognizing the need to connect with a wider audience and enhance the overall pilgrim experience, Ambaji Mata Temple partnered with 361 Degrees Marketing for a comprehensive branding and digital transformation initiative.

The successful collaboration resulted in a revitalized brand identity, an engaging online presence, and improved accessibility for devotees and tourists worldwide. Ambaji Mata Temple is now poised to welcome a new generation of pilgrims and deepen its spiritual connection with devotees across the globe.

Services: Website and Brand Identity


Uniform Design


Kit design


Board Design


Website Design

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Aurous infra

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