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Dandi Kutir, India's iconic museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, aimed to expand its reach beyond traditional audiences and engage a wider, digital generation. Their website needed a refresh to reflect the museum's immersive experience and storytelling capabilities, while its social media presence lacked the vibrancy to capture contemporary interest in Gandhi's legacy.


361 Degrees Marketing addressed Dandi Kutir's challenge by providing a comprehensive solution involving Website Development and Social Media Optimization. The new website design focused on user-friendly navigation, informative content, and an immersive experience to capture the essence of Mahatma Gandhi's life and teachings. Simultaneously, our strategic approach to Social Media aimed at increasing audience engagement and promoting Dandi Kutir's unique offerings.

Client: Dandi Kutir

Dandi Kutir sought to amplify its digital presence and connect with a wider audience through an engaging website and captivating social media strategy. Partnering with 361 Degrees Marketing, we transformed their online experience, making Gandhi’s legacy accessible and relevant for diverse audiences. This collaboration positioned Dandi Kutir as a leading institution for cultural exploration and sparked meaningful connections with the Mahatma’s message of peace and non-violence.

Services: Website and Social Media


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