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Devi Plastic

Devi Plastic


Devi Plastic, a leading manufacturer of plastic bangles, identified a need for a distinctive brand identity to set them apart in a competitive market. The absence of a recognizable logo hindered their ability to establish a strong presence and convey their brand story effectively.


361 Degrees Marketing addressed this challenge by crafting a unique Logofolio for Devi Plastic. Our design team collaborated closely with the client to capture the essence of their brand in a visually appealing and memorable logo. This Logofolio not only provided a cohesive visual identity but also strengthened Devi Plastic's brand recognition in the market.

Client: Devi Plastic

Devi Plastic, a prominent player in the plastic bangle manufacturing industry, strives for excellence in design and quality. Our collaboration focused on enhancing their brand image through a customized Logofolio, ensuring a distinctive and memorable representation that resonates with their target audience.

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