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Eka Food Court

Eka Food Court


Eka Food Court, a vibrant hub of culinary delights, struggled to stand out in the crowded food court scene. Their existing branding lacked a distinct personality, and their social media presence failed to capture the diversity and deliciousness of their offerings. This limited their ability to attract new customers and engage existing ones.


361 Degrees Marketing provided Eka Food Court with a comprehensive solution focused on strategic branding and a dynamic social media presence. Crafting visually appealing branding elements and implementing a targeted social media strategy, we aimed to showcase the diverse culinary experiences offered by Eka Food Court. Through engaging content and visually captivating branding, we endeavoured to create an online environment that mirrored the richness of the dining experience.

Client: Eka Food Court

Eka Food Court, a haven for culinary delights, partnered with 361 Degrees Marketing to amplify its online presence. Through strategic branding initiatives and dynamic social media engagement, our collaboration seeks to capture the essence of Eka’s diverse food offerings. With visually appealing branding and a targeted social media approach, we aim to entice food enthusiasts, enabling a digital environment that mirrors the vibrancy of the Eka Food Court experience.

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