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GreenFinity, a prominent player in the gardening sector, faced a branding challenge. Their existing packaging and logo didn't fully capture their commitment to sustainable practices and the joy of bringing nature indoors. This limited their ability to resonate with eco-conscious consumers and stand out in the crowded gardening market.


361 Degrees Marketing devised a strategic solution for GreenFinity, focusing on Product Packaging redesign and creating a unique Logofolio. The new packaging design aimed to capture the essence of GreenFinity's commitment to eco-friendly gardening, using vibrant visuals and clear messaging. Simultaneously, our Logofolio service provided GreenFinity with a cohesive set of logos, ensuring brand consistency and recognition across various platforms.

Client: Greenfinity

GreenFinity sought to refresh their brand identity to align with their commitment to sustainability and the inherent joy of nurturing greenery indoors. Partnering with 361 Degrees Marketing, we cultivated a vibrant new look through packaging design and logo development. This strategic collaboration blossomed into a brand that resonates with eco-conscious consumers, attracts new customers, and positions GreenFinity as a leader in fostering indoor gardens that flourish.

Services: Product Packaging and Logo folio


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