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Kool Consultant, a multi-sectoral consultancy firm, faced a branding challenge. Their visual identity and online presence didn't fully reflect their diverse expertise and ability to accelerate value creation for clients. This limited their reach and ability to attract potential partners and projects.


361 Degrees Marketing provided Kool Consultant with a holistic Branding solution, including Logofolio, Stationery Folio, and a UI-UX Website. The strategy involved crafting a unified visual identity that reflects the versatility of their services. The logofolio and stationery folio was designed to convey professionalism and reliability, while the UI-UX website was tailored for intuitive navigation and a seamless user experience.

Client: Kool Consultant

As Kool Consultant sought to elevate their brand image and attract clients seeking expertise across diverse sectors, 361 Degrees Marketing partnered with them to create a comprehensive branding and digital presence transformation. Through a strategic approach encompassing brand identity, logofolio, stationery folio, and UI/UX website development, we successfully repositioned Kool Consultant as a dynamic leader in delivering impactful solutions and accelerating value creation for their clients.

Services: Brand Indentity, Stationary folio, Logo folio and UI/UX


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