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Kum Kum

Kum Kum


Kum-Kum, a distinguished clothing store specializing in authentic and traditional bandhani sarees, faced the challenge of reaching a broader audience and establishing a strong digital presence. With the evolving landscape of consumer behaviour, the absence of a robust social media strategy limited Kum-Kum's ability to showcase its exquisite collection to a wider market.


361 Degrees Marketing crafted a tailored Social Media solution for Kum-Kum, leveraging platforms like Instagram to create engaging content that highlighted the beauty and uniqueness of their bandhani sarees. Our strategy aimed to connect Kum-Kum with a diverse audience, foster brand loyalty, and drive online engagement. Through visually appealing posts, stories, and regular updates, we sought to elevate Kum-Kum's online presence and position them as a go-to destination for traditional Indian attire.

Client: Kum Kum

Kum-Kum joined hands with 361 Degrees Marketing to enhance its digital footprint and embrace the power of social media. By showcasing our authentic bandhani sarees through captivating content on social media platforms, we aim to create a dynamic online presence. Through this collaboration, Kum-Kum strives to not only connect with its existing customers but also reach new customers who appreciate the timeless beauty of traditional Indian attire.

Services: Social Media

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