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EcoGreen Packaging Solution

Ecogreen Packaging Solution


EcoGreen Packaging Solution faced the challenge of establishing a distinctive brand identity and user-friendly digital presence. In an industry saturated with conventional packaging solutions, the need for a unique identity and effective online representation became crucial to stand out and convey their commitment to sustainable practices.


361 Degrees Marketing crafted a comprehensive solution to elevate EcoGreen's brand identity. Through strategic branding, Logofolio design, and a cohesive Stationery Folio, we aimed to create a visual language that resonates with their commitment to sustainable packaging. Additionally, our UI-UX expertise was employed to revamp their website, ensuring a seamless online experience for visitors interested in their eco-friendly IBC solutions.

Client: Ecogreen Packaging Solution

EcoGreen Packaging Solution partnered with 361 Degrees Marketing to cultivate a brand identity that truly reflected their dedication to sustainability. Through a comprehensive approach encompassing brand identity, logo folio, stationery folio, UI/UX design, and website development, we transformed their online presence and communication materials. This strategic collaboration empowered EcoGreen to connect with environmentally conscious businesses on a deeper level, positioning them as the leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions.

Services: Brand Identity and Website




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