Creative Boards, Conservative Bills. The Perfection of Billboards.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Billboards, commonly known as hoardings, are a huge print advertisement used to promote any brand, products, services, technology or awareness that subconsciously creates an impact on the viewers’ mind. Billboard isn’t a stereotypical advertisement tactic, rather it caters by creating a connection with people passing on a road. Billboards are categorized as ‘OOH’- *Out-Of-Home* advertisement.

Billboards are a 24*7 broadcast set up with utmost exposure and control, on the sides of the heavily trafficked roads and busy highways. Pedestrian, drivers and other working section of the society have a sight on the billboards resulting in marketing through word of mouth. Billboard helps you reach out to the masses and ensures effectiveness compared to most of the other media gimmicks.

The cost of a billboard depends on its size, designing and printing cost. As well as the number of days the advertisement is displayed, and finally the area chosen to put up the billboard. Prices may differ depending upon how popular and crowded an area usually is. ‘OOH’ are rated based on the Circulation, Demographics and Impressions created by the billboard to the commuters.

Steps towards efficient billboard

Self Explanatory designs

The billboards should be designed in a way that expresses the essence of advertisement with minimum usage of text. Moving public wont invest their time in reading. A visual should be enough to convey the motive.

  • A fantastic illustration for this is billboard of “Samsonite”. Very basic with three 3D suitcases of vibrant colours.

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Design according to the location

Create the billboard keeping in mind, the location to showcase it. For instance, billboards with a suitable background can be used to connect with the audience and your products. Berger’s Billboard of painting same colours as sky is the best example to showcase the same.

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Interactive Billboards

Based on the product to endorse, the billboard should be communicating with the audience without any audio or visuals.

  • A classic example of it is FORMULA- Toothpaste, Indonesia. The billboard was designed with a man ripping off the metal billboard with his teeth, depicting his strong teeth. Extremely thoughtful, interactive and impactful.

Formula Toothpaste Billboard

Make it Memorable

The visual you offer via billboard should be impactful and relatable. It should last with the consumer, to the extent that your competitor’s poster should make them remind of your strategy itself. Your hoarding should leave a long lasting impression. So that even when they go to buy a product, your billboard should strike their mind and hence subconsciously influence them to choose your product.

Splendid examples for the same are:

  • WOODLAND Climbing Shoes, The billboard was designed with a shoes on the top of the board and just a rope hanging to climb your obstacle. Pure brilliance.

  • KOLESTON NATURALS, a hair care product. A plain billboard with a girl in open hair designed in a way that Sunlight make up for  the hair colours. Commendable usage of Negative (empty) Space. Excellence at its best.

Koleston Billboard


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